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Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey 2022

In the spring of 2022, the Office of Faculty Affairs at the University of Kansas partnered with the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) at Harvard Graduate School of Education to administer its Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey. This is the university’s first such survey in over a decade. It included both tenured, tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty. It was also the first systematic assessment of the faculty experience since COVID-19. In keeping with best practices at peer institutions, university leaders are committed to surveying faculty regularly in future years.


The COACHE data provide a path for the university to take concrete action, and university leaders are committed to working together to understand and act upon these results. To this end, the Provost and University Governance have worked in partnership to create a COACHE team that will adopt a data-centered institutional response. 

Preview Report

The COACHE preview report is available for download. This report contains an executive summary of the results, provides a snapshot in time that captures recent experiences and perceptions of faculty members at KU. The data reveal faculty appreciation of colleagues, as well as significant faculty dissatisfaction with wages, senior leadership, and with research support. 

Goals and Areas of Focus

The COACHE Advisory Team's goal is to improve in our support of faculty across career phases and for all demographics by examining the data and understanding faculty experiences through the lenses of equity and excellence. Working with the data, they have identified five areas of focus, which reflect categories from the survey where faculty expressed the most significant dissatisfaction. 

Upcoming Opportunities for Engagement

In the beginning of the spring semester, we will share additional quantitative data and analyses of comments around these areas of focus. The provost and governance leaders will launch the engagement process in February through an open forum with all faculty to discuss the data, hear perspectives, and address potential solutions. More forums will be hosted in February/March in all academic units as well as with various demographic groups. Beyond these structured opportunities, we hope to have templates for presentations of the data that can be shared with any interested groups on campus.