Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey 2022 Team and Composition

To ensure a data-informed institutional response to enhancing faculty job satisfaction. We are engaging in this effort in keeping with COACHE best practices and in keeping with principles of shared governance.

Team Composition: 

The team member selections balance data expertise, disciplinary diversity, and representation of different ranks and positions within the university, with the goal of engaging a range of diverse constituencies on campus to work together toward solutions. Some members of the group have already devoted significant time to learning about best practices and the analyses of data. We plan to act together to formulate recommendations that improve faculty working conditions, devising solutions for you and with you. The COACHE team will engage with a variety of campus groups to ensure we put all our best ideas forward. 

Team Lead:

  • Provost Bichelmeyer 

Co-directors for COACHE administration:

  • Nate Brunsell, Faculty Senate President
  • Ani Kokobobo, University Senate President

Data Team: 

  • Corinne Bannon, Acting Chief Data Officer and Vice Provost of AIRE 
  • Donna Ginther, Roy A. Roberts & Regents Distinguished Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute for Policy & Social Research 
  • Jennifer Ng, Professor and Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs 
  • Lisa Wolf-Wendel, Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor in Higher Education Administration and analyst of KU’s last COACHE administration in 2012 

Advisory Team: 

  • Nate Brunsell, Professor and 2022-2023 Faculty Senate President
  • Ani Kokobobo, Associate Professor and 2022-2023 University Senate President
  • Kris Pedersen, Clinical Professor, Speech, Language and Hearing 
  • Kristen Helling, Director of Professional Selling Program and Marketing Lecturer, Marketing and Business Law
  • Nicole Hodges Persley, Associate Professor and Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging 
  • Lou Mulligan, Professor and Interim Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs 
  • Jeff Chasen, Assistant Vice Provost, Human Resource Management 
  • Victor Gonzalez, Assistant Teaching Professor and Faculty Senate President Elect
  • Kristin Villa, Clinical Assistant Professor, and University Senate President Elect 
  • John Colombo, Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Prajna Dhar, Professor, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • Megan Greene, Professor, History  
  • Lee Stuart, Assistant Professor of Practice, Edwards Campus

Staff support:

  • Cara Nossaman, Project manager
  • Mark Sheaves, Communications / Website

Download the full Composition and Roles of the COACHE team