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Best Graduate Schools Rankings

Note: Business, Education, Engineering, Law, Nursing, and Medicine rankings are based on statistical data measuring quality of faculty, research, and students, and on reputation surveys. All other graduate programs and specialty area rankings are based on reputation surveys which were sent to academics and professionals in the disciplines being ranked.

Listing of ranked Graduate Schools and programs
Rank Among Public UniversitiesOverall RankYearCollege/SchoolProgram
112022Liberal Arts & SciencesLocal Government Management (MPA)
122022EducationSpecial Education (Master/Doctorate)
682020Liberal Arts & SciencesSpeech Language Pathology (Master)
6112022Liberal Arts & SciencesPublic Management & Leadership (MPA)
6132020Medical CenterPhysical Therapy (Masters/Doctorate)
892022Medical CenterPrimary Care (MD)
9172020Medical CenterOccupational Therapy (Master/Doctorate)
9172022EducationSchool of Education (Masters/Doctorate)
10142020Medical CenterAudiology (Doctorate)
11172022Liberal Arts & SciencesUrban Policy (Masters)
11212020Medical CenterNursing-Midwifery (Masters)
13162022EngineeringPetroleum Engineering (Masters/Doctorate)
13252022Liberal Arts & SciencesPublic Affairs (MPA)
14292016Medical CenterNursing-Anesthesia (DNAP)
14192022Liberal Arts & SciencesPublic Finance & Budgeting (MPA)
15182020EducationClinical Child Psychology (Doctorate)
16192022Medical CenterFamily Medicine (MD)
19252022EducationCurriculum & Instruction (Doctorate)
20452022LawDispute Resolution (JD)
22362019Social WelfareSocial Work (Masters)
23242020PharmacyPharmacy (PharmD)
30432020Liberal Arts & SciencesClinical Psychology (Doctorate)
30502017Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology (Doctorate)
32542022Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory (Doctorate)
33652022LawEnvironmental Law (JD)
34502022EngineeringAerospace Engineering (Masters/Doctorate)
35642020Liberal Arts & SciencesFine Arts (Masters)
37722022BusinessBusiness (MBA)
38542018Liberal Arts & SciencesEarth Sciences - Geology (Doctorate)
38742022LawContract-Commercial Law (JD)
38782022LawBusiness-Corporate Law (JD)
39662018Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics (Doctorate)
39702022LawLaw (JD)
39902022LawIntellectual Property Law (JD)
40642022Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology (Doctorate)
40692022Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish (Doctorate)
40732018Liberal Arts & SciencesBiology (Doctorate)
41652022EngineeringEnviron./Environ. Health Engineering (Master/Doctorate)
41682022Liberal Arts & Sciences Political Science (Doctorate)
41692022Liberal Arts & SciencesEconomics (Doctorate)
42752022Medical CenterMedicine-Research
42852022LawTax Law (JD)
42892022LawConstitutional Law (JD)
43862022LawInternational Law (JD)
44652022EngineeringCivil Engineering (Masters/Doctorate)
44732018Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry (Doctorate)
48732022EngineeringChemical Engineering (Masters/Doctorate)
48972022LawCriminal Law (JD)
501072022LawClinical Training (JD)
501142022LawLegal Writing (JD)
53852022EngineeringElectrical Engineering (Masters/Doctorate)
53892022EngineeringBiomedical/Bioengineering (Masters/Doctorate)
56912022EngineeringMechanical Engineering (Masters/Doctorate)
57912018EngineeringComputer Science (Doctorate)
57912018Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics (Doctorate)
59892018Liberal Arts & SciencesStatistics (Doctorate)
601422022LawTrial Advocacy (JD)
661362022LawHealth Care Law (JD)
691082022EngineeringSchool of Engineering (Masters/Doctorate)
701042022MedicinePublic Health (Masters)