Teams and Functions

The Office of Analytics, Institutional Research, & Effectiveness is divided into seven teams led by Corinne Bannon, the Vice Provost of AIRE and KU's Chief Data Officer. A summary of the core functions of each team is below. Click 'Team and Details' for more information about their work and people. 

Our teams at a glance


- Directs all AIRE teams
- Oversees data lifecycle
- Architect for the Lawrence campus' strategic plan


- Policies, standards, and procedures
- Definitions & catalog
- Data literacy
- Executive data council
- Data stewards and data users groups


- Data warehouse
- Data architecture
- Data extraction & modeling
- Application access set up and monitoring
- Executes census snapshots


- Dashboards and visualizations
- Data and tool literacy
- Large and small scale institutional studies
- Strategic Alignment Briefing Books
- Academic Analytics data support

Our teams


- Maintains the institution's official statistics
- Federal & state reporting
- Publicly available facts & figures
- Official data requests
- Rankings and surveys
- Longitudinal trends


- Qualtrics brand administration
- Survey policy, committee, & calendar
- Student Surveys of Teaching
- New faculty CV data entry
- Faculty Insight training & tool development


- Structure and high-level processes for KULC strategic plan
- Campus Constituent Surveys lifecycle
- Academic Analytics admin
- Process-based management for AIRE strategic initiatives


- Internal & external communications plans
- Communications for Lawrence campus' strategic plan
- Communications for Campus Constituent Surveys

Vice Provost

Data Quality and Governance

  • Develops and manages data governance policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Creates and delivers campus data literacy program.
  • Develops and maintains a data dictionary.
  • Develops processes and documentation to monitor and resolve any data quality issues.
  • Convenes and facilitates executive data council, data stewards and data user groups.
  • Maps existing data architecture to give clarity to the scope of data to be governed​.

Data Management

  • Develops data architecture to map data flows.
  • Manages the Data Warehouse and other data repositories.
  • Data mapping and modeling to create diagrams of data structures and associated business rules.
  • Manages data ingestion from ERPs and other source systems.
  • Data Integration using ELT and ETL processes to consolidate different data sets.
  • Application Health Check and Monitoring​.
  • Access set up and monitoring across all the applications and databases managed by AIRE.
  • Data quality management to identify and fix issues in data sets.
  • Executes census snapshots of student and HR data.

Data Analytics

  • Provides subject matter expertise for HR, finance, research, student data.
  • Gathers business requirements for data modelling and dashboard development in OAC and Visual Analytics.
  • Develops and maintains self-service enterprise dashboards for campus partners.
  • Carries out large and small institutional studies.
  • Advances data and tool literacy.
  • Develops and maintains Strategic Alignment Briefing Books.
  • Academic Analytics Benchmarking data support.

Official Reporting

  • Maintains the institution's official statistics.
  • Provides Census Snapshot Requirements and QA.
  • Develops and maintains the KU Fact Book, Common Data Set and informational items on the AIRE website.
  • Prepares and submits data for ranking surveys.
  • Provides data for KORA requests.
  • Provides benchmarking reports and analysis.
  • Prepares and submits data for mandated State & Federal reports including IPEDs, NSF, HERD, KBOR.
  • Prepares data submissions for Faculty Insight, Academic Analytics, SSTs.
  • Prepares AAU Data Exchange Submissions.

Surveys & Assessment

  • Qualtrics administration.
  • Creates and manages university survey committee.
  • Manages survey calendar.
  • Manages 5-year Dean/VP performance review survey.
  • Faculty Insight subject matter experts and tool development.
  • Enters new faculty CVs/resumes into the Faculty Insight.
  • Student Surveys of Teaching management and reporting.
  • Contract administration for Campus Constituent Surveys.
  • Data analysis for Campus Constituent Surveys.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Supports the Provost and CDO on the management of the structure and  high-level processes of the Lawrence campus strategic plan, Jayhawks Rising.​
  • Facilitates the planning and execution of the leaderships' annual unit level strategic planning presentations.​
  • Manages the Campus Constituent Surveys lifecycle, an assessment component of Jayhawks Rising.​
  • Facilitates the Service Strategic Alignment Review process, an assessment component of Jayhawks Rising.
  • Provides campus administration for Academic Analytics.​
  • Provides process-based management for key strategic initiatives​ within AIRE. 


  • Designs and executes communications plan for AIRE, including internal, campus communications.
  • Designs and executes communications plan for Jayhawks Rising.
  • Designs and executes strategic communication strategies for Campus Constituent Surveys.
  • Develops and maintains AIRE website.
  • Communications support for Academic Analytics, SSTs,  and Strategic Alignment Briefing Books.
  • Represents VP of AIRE in forums and meetings, supports AIRE strategic planning and employee initiatives.