Survey Calendar

Calendar Color Key

Undergraduate StudentsGraduate StudentsStaffFacultyAlumni
greenblueburnt siennapurplegold
Use this key to identify which surveys are planned for which cohorts in the calendar below.

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University of Kansas Proposed Survey Cycle

Goal: No more than one survey per semester for each cohort, and no more than seven surveys in any year, in any cohort.

First YearNSSE (Spring)  NSSE (Spring)
SeniorsNSSE (Spring)  NSSE (Spring)
 GSSS (Spring) GSSS (Spring)

University of Kansas Proposed Survey Cycle

The color coding allows us to easily see the survey cycle for each particular entering cohort. Following the dark blue boxes diagonally downward, for example, shows the surveys first year students entering fall 2020 will participate in over each year.

GSSS: Graduate Student Senior Survey (Even-numbered springs)
NSSE: National Student Survey of Engagement (Every three years in spring)