Association of American Universities (AAU) Member Institutions

AAU member universities—63 in the United States and two in Canada—are on the leading edge of innovation, scholarship, and solutions that contribute to scientific progress, economic development, security, and well-being.

28 AAU member universities are private and 35 are public.

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List of AAU Members
Private (Year Admitted)Public (Year Admitted)
Boston University (2012) MGeorgia Institute of Technology (2010)
Brandeis University (1985)Indiana University Bloomington (1909)
Brown University (1933) MMichigan State University (1964) M,L
California Institute of Technology (1934)Ohio State University (1916) M,L
Carnegie Mellon University (1982)Pennsylvania State University (1958) M,L
Case Western Reserve University (1969) MPurdue University (1958) L
Columbia University (1900) MRutgers University - New Brunswick (1989) M,L
Cornell University (1900) M,LStony Brook University - The State Univ. of New York (2001) M
Dartmouth College (2019) MTexas A&M University (2001) M,L
Duke University (1938) MUniversity at Buffalo - The State Univ. of New York (1989) M
Emory University (1995) MUniversity of Arizona (1985) M,L
Harvard University (1900) MUniversity of California, Berkeley (1900) L
Johns Hopkins University (1900) MUniversity of California, Davis (1966) M,L
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1934)University of California, Irvine (1996) M
New York University (1950) MUniversity of California, Los Angeles (1974) M
Northwestern University (1917) MUniversity of California, San Diego (1982) M
Princeton University (1900)University of California, Santa Barbara (1995)
Rice University (1985)University of California, Santa Cruz (2019)
Stanford University (1900) MUniversity of Colorado Boulder (1966)
Tufts University (2021) MUniversity of Florida (1985) M,L
Tulane University (1958) MUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1908) L
University of Chicago (1900) MUniversity of Iowa (1909) M
University of Pennsylvania (1900) MUniversity of Kansas (1909) M
University of Rochester (1941) MUniversity of Maryland, College Park (1969) L
University of Southern California (1969) MUniversity of Michigan (1900) M
Vanderbilt University (1950) MUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities (1908) M,L
Washington University in St. Louis (1923) MUniversity of Missouri, Columbia (1908) M,L
Yale University (1900) MUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1922) M
 University of Oregon (1969)
 University of Pittsburgh (1974) M
Canadian (Year Admitted)University of Texas at Austin (1929) M
McGill University (1926)University of Utah (2019) M
University of Toronto (1926)University of Virginia (1904) M
 University of Washington (1950) M
 University of Wisconsin - Madison (1900) M,L

M indicates universities with a medical center

L indicates land grant institutions